Household Energy Use

Household Energy Use

Involved parties: Energimyndigheten, Ellevio
Role: Research Engineer/Designer at KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan)
Year: 2021-2022
Project length: 7 months
Team: 4 (3 researchers and me as designer)


This research project is about how feedback about electricity use in households can promote flexibility and sustainability. The research project is funded by the Swedish Energimyndigheten, through the program "Design for energy-efficient everyday life". The process are conducted by Uppsala Smart Energy Research Group (USER) at Uppsala University and researchers and research engineers from the Department of Strategic Sustainability Studies at KTH. My responsibility in the project is to lead the design process.


1. Interviews and workshops to generate understanding and knowledge about the users context in relationship with energy use

2. First sketch (paper prototype) to start exploring and quickly be able to test the concept in a low-key way

3. Test paper prototype and generate insights and thoughts from users that helps us when creating a more hi-fi solution

4. Adjust prototype from feedback and insights and make it more detailed and hi-fi

5. Test again to see if the adjustments and design options responds to the needs and wants of the user

6. Final prototype delivery


To be continued, 2022.


To be continued, 2022.